25 July, 2021

Citizenship Bill Nullifies Assam Accord: Prafulla Kumar Mahanta

AGP founder-president and two-time Assam CM Prafulla Kumar Mahanta talks about alliance with the BJP and citizenship bill.

Citizenship Bill Nullifies Assam Accord: Prafulla Kumar Mahanta

An angry AGP founder-president and two-time CM Prafulla Kumar Mahanta finds himself on the wrong side of his party’s new alliance. Excerpts from an interview with Abdul Gani:

You say you were unaware of the developments?

The leadership has violated the party constitution. The alliance with the BJP is a major decision, it should have been discussed. No one was informed. I was not aware of it.

The Citizenship Bill is a crucial issue for this region. Do you think the masses will back this alliance?

The AGP was formed after a six-year-long agitation to make the state free from illegal migrants... we lost 855 martyrs. The Assam Accord was signed after that. This bill nullifies the Assam Accord. People have expressed their opposition to it. By joining hands with the BJP, they have diminished the dreams and hopes of Assamese people. Let’s wait for the polls to know if they get support or not.

Amit Shah has clearly said the bill will be brought back. Can the...

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