30 July, 2021

Circus Maximus

Watching DD Sports, you may learn about hills, lakes, flowers

Rajesh Kumar
Circus Maximus

Have you watched DD Sports recently? Has anyone watched it? Has Mrinal Pande watched it? We all had to watch it during the Commonwealth Games, and since then, it has been showing free reruns of  that event—and the 2010 Asiad, for good measure. It’s a channel we don’t get our feet wet in if we don’t have to.

Last week, however, I wandered into it and found myself in the finale of the 53rd Senior National Athletics in Ranchi. The last event was the women’s 4x400 metres relay. The camera seemed to be 400 metres away and the commentator read out from his list who was running in which lane. There were no close-ups. The runners were lined up, but the race didn’t start. There was no explanation, and the commentator filled in the time with poetic nothings in Hindi: “The hearts of the people of Jharkhand are overflowing with the memories of the 53rd Senior National Athletics.... They will never forget the hrida­yasparsheeya moments they have been witness to...the lakes and rivers, the hills and skies of...

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