03 August, 2021

Circle Of Unreason

Obama’s wise turn towards moderation can bring peace to West Asia

Circle Of Unreason

The nuclear agreement announced in Lausanne on April 2 has made history but  the wolves have begun to gather. Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has called it a ‘historic mistake’ that threatens the survival of Iran and could lead to a ‘horrific war’. He has been joined by Saudi Arabia and, less vocally, by other Sunni sheikhdoms in the Gulf.

Their opposition stems from their thwarted ambitions, for the most cursory examination shows that the agreement is too tightly constructed to leave any loophole for Iran to crawl through into nuclear weapons status. So if Iran entered the negotiations with the intention of keeping open cracks in it that would permit it to produce nuclear weapons in the future, it has already lost.

President Obama has been at pains to point out that the agreement is based on technology, not trust, but he would not even have started down the diplomatic road had he not been at least half-way satisfied when he and Rouhani first met at the UN in September 2013 that Iran didn’t want nuclear...

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