04 August, 2021

Circle Of Condescension

Proximity is not reason enough for the big brother to consider Bangla bhai a member of his family. The Partition has widened since 1971.

Circle Of Condescension
Most Indians I know are astounded to learn that India is generally held in somewhat low regard in Bangladesh. Thunderstruck, in fact. How can that possibly be? What about 1971? But, hard though this may be for Indians to comprehend, this is the unhappy truth. Kuldip Nayar hit the nail on the head when he commented resignedly in a column he wrote some years ago after one of his not infrequent trips across the border that "anti-Indian sentiment [in Bangladesh] is so strong, you can taste it."

One fact says it all. Please brace yourselves for the following: When India plays Pakistan in cricket, most Bangladeshis support Pakistan. There, I've said it.

The question that surely needs to be asked within India at this moment in time is why this is so and what can be done about it, assuming that we can all agree this is a regrettable state of affairs that ought to be put right.

Well, for starters, the commonly held notion that Bangladeshis ought to be eternally grateful to India for its role in our Independence does tend to get things...

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