24 June, 2021

Choreographed Mob

What one saw in Bisara was a false flag operation

Jitender Gupta
Choreographed Mob

Two narratives have emerged to explain the brutal killing of Mohammed Akhlaq Saifi, and near-death of his son Danish, in Bisara village on the night of September 28, just after the “blood moon” of Sunday. The first is the expiatory narrative of the BJP: it was a tragedy and the law will take its course, but the family brought it upon itself by slaughtering a cow and eating beef at Bakrid.

The second is the condemnatory narrative: that the killing occurred because the BJP, and particularly the RSS, is bent upon destroying the religious and ethnic pluralism of India to create a synthetic, monolithic Hindu ideology. Akhlaq and his family were attacked for not agreeing with this ideology. 

But a visit to Bisara last Saturday showed me that there is a third, uglier, explanation: that no cow was killed: that Bisara was an RSS false flag operation intended to  outrage Hindus, instil fear into Muslims, and destroy Hindu pluralism, that went wrong when Akhlaq had the temerity to die and bring the entire national media into Bisara.

The BJP did...

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