27 September, 2020

Choked By The Margins

The community is fighting the risk of being branded en bloc

Choked By The Margins
Against all expectations, a terror story now emerges in Britain without a Pakistani in it. This has, of course, created difficulties—it was far more acceptable to say 'these Pakistanis' than to say 'these Muslims', at least for Indians. But, that's what most of Britain is saying now, even if not audibly. Just one indication of this was a survey by the religious group Theos—it suggested that 71 per cent people thought these last attacks had given Islam a bad name.

The government has been straining, as have liberally inclined people, to make a distinction between British Muslims—about two million in a nation of 60 million—and 'terrorists seen as criminals'. This is the new, saner terminology adopted by current premier Gordon Brown. But as British Muslims have discovered after getting hit by another perception wave that every Muslim is a potential terrorist, that distinction is easier to declare than to accept.

Muslim groups took out full-page advertisements in leading dailies after the attacks to separate themselves from these...


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