03 March, 2021

Chittagong As Crux

There is room for fruitful cross-border cooperation in the Tripura, Mizoram, Chittagong mini-quadrant which shares a common ethno-cultural and geopolitical background. And Chittagong is perfectly sited to become a major regional port.

Chittagong As Crux

Bangladesh will have taken another stride along the road to national self-assurance after the landmark Ganga Treaty and the Chittagong Hills Tract Accord with the scheduled inauguration of the Jamuna Bridge at Sirajganj on June 23. The country received more than its stipulated share of lean season flows under the Ganga Treaty between January and May 1998. But little of this reached its problem southwest (Khulna) region as the outfall of the Gorai, which supplies this area, closed by mid-February. A silt plug that has formed over the preceding half century seals this channel as the level of the Ganga falls below that threshold.

An inception report has just been completed by the Water Resources Planning Organisation which lists certain studies before donors are willing to fund a feasibility report for a proposed Ganges Barrage at Pangsha that will divert flows into the Gorai. These studies will be completed by the end of 1999. Meanwhile, an interim solution with Dutch assistance envisages dredging the Gorai hump over two seasons to facilitate some minimal flows....

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