22 June, 2021

Chiranjit Parmar, 75

For any trivia on nature’s bounty, the veteran fruit scientist is your man. But call him on the landline, please.

Chiranjit Parmar, 75

Which phone do you have?

Micromax A89.

About how many have you changed so far?

About six. I remember getting my first Alcatel from abroad, at the time mobile phones were not available in Mandi.

What do you use it for mainly?

Only calling, and that too only when I step out. I use the landline at home, it’s more convenient. I also can’t use the internet on the phone much as it’s hard to see, the screen is too small for me.

Whose calls do you look forward to?

Those who call with inquiries about my website, Fruitipedia.com.

Is the mobile essential to your work?

Not really. I rely a lot on my landline for calls, so if someone can’t reach me on my phone, they can easily find my landline number.

What’s your worst lie on the phone?

Sometimes when I’m out with friends to have a drink, and I get a call from home asking when I’ll be back, I say yes, I’m...

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