03 August, 2021

Chinni Prakash

The choreographer who swears by the pelvic thrust turns film director

Chinni Prakash
From choreographer to director, how easy has been the transition?
It was very tough. A choreographer has to manage only 30 minutes of a film, whereas a director has to manage two hours and 30 minutes. But it is a thrilling experience.

How will Ghoonghat be different from other Hindi films?
Ghoonghat doesn't have any shouting, screaming or bomb explosions. The dialogue's set in a musical format a la Singing in the Rain and Sound of Music. Otherwise, it's a typical Indian love story.

You are called the king of the pelvic thrust. Why do you insist on having it in every dance?
Pelvic movement is normal in any dance between the sexes. It has been in cinema for many years now and it can change only if the director wants a change.

Choreography in Hindi films has degenerated into gross physical movement.
There is no soul. And this is because of Channel V and MTV. We are trying their techniques. There's too much Hollywood in Bollywood.

All songs look exactly the same in all films. What's happened to...

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