02 August, 2021

China's Support Helps Imran Khan Strut Back To Pakistan

The categorical Chinese support to Pakistan comes days before the crucial plenary session of FATF.

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Imran Khan and Xi Jinping in Beijing
Photograph by Getty Images
China's Support Helps Imran Khan Strut Back To Pakistan

In a concession to its “iron friend” Pakistan, China has thrown a much-needed diplomatic lifeline to Imran Khan that could help him ­rebound from a series of recent setbacks at the international stage.

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasised their rapport during a meeting with the visiting Pakistani prime minister in Beijing on October 8. “No matter how the international and ­regional situation changes, the friendship ­between China and Pakistan has ­always been unbreakable and rock solid; our relationship has always maintained vitality,” he declared.

Xi’s remarks came after clarifying China’s position on Kashmir in a joint statement with Pakistan. “The Kashmir issue, being a dispute left from history, should be properly and peacefully resolved, based on the UN charter, relevant UNSC resolutions and ­bilateral pacts,” it said. Sino-Pak relations have often raised questions in India about its negative impact on improving ties with China.

The timing of Imran’s visit and Xi’s...

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