31 July, 2021

Children's Hospitals In India: Childcare On Oxygen

Gorakhpur was just a symptom. Children’s healthcare is ailing across the country, and it gets worse as one goes deeper into the hinterland.

The Dead & The Living
Suman Yadav of Bagha Gara lost her first-born twins at BRD, Gorakhpur, the morning after oxygen supply was disrupted
Photograph by Jitender Gupta
Children's Hospitals In India: Childcare On Oxygen

Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)

  • UP 64
  • India 41

Availability of doctors Paediatricians at CHCs in UP

  • Required 773
  • In position 154
  • Shortfall (%) 80.1


It’s 9 pm and Gorakhpur’s hipsters are out, all set to cruise town in their swish sedans. The morning’s snarl-ups are easing—traffic is a pet peeve for townspeople—and the 150-year-old Gorakhpur Club is letting spirits flow. We find here a doctor, a builder and a miner, an assortment of jet-setters. You’d think they count themselves among the lucky in this city, but no. They too start chafing the moment they are made to recall those two days in August last year when 52 people died, 34 of them children, in the city’s...

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