30 July, 2021

Chapter & Varsity

The Centre treads slippery ground by saying AMU isn’t a minority university

Campus Question
Isn’t AMU the outcome of a community’s efforts?
Photograph by Sanjay Rawat
Chapter & Varsity
  • The Constitution: Article 30 of the Constitution of India gives minorities the right to set up “educational institutions”
  • The 1967 SC Ruling: This ruling had taken away the minority status of AMU, but in 1981, Parliament restored it
  • Possible Outcome: If the SC strikes down AMU’s minority status, that would apply to all other minority universities.


The controversy over the mi­n­­ority status of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) involves vital questions of the status of the minorities in a democracy. Chief among the issues is the privileges—indeed the constitutional rights—a democracy accords a minority group. What sharp­ens the antagonism is the fact that the gover­nment is led by a party that comes to these issues with a lot of accumulated resentment. And it’s drawing on a much-criticised 1967 judgement of the Supreme Court in an attempt to dilute the right of the minorities to...

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