14 May, 2021

Celebrity Times

Barbie Q and Glam Shampagne Wannabe socialites, a gushing media rule this bubbledom. It’s the new opium of the masses.

Celebrity Times

If everybody’s somebody then no one’s anybody.
- Gilbert and Sullivan

Everybody’s famous. The fashion designer’s clothes may be invisible, priced out of common reach and hidden away from public gaze, but he’s almost a national icon. The lovely model attends every party and always seems to have a lot of fun. She’s incredibly famous too, although nobody’s quite sure why.

The television anchor is barely out of university and might have trouble differentiating between Ram Manohar Lohia and Rammohan Roy but she’s a hot new star. Then there’s the man who tells bad jokes: a colossus of the City Supplement. The socialite with the good breasts: a towering authority on how life should be lived. The man with a farmhouse: the definitive theorist on most things. The media universe teems with technicolour celebrity and fame howls out every morning, blinding and tabloid. "If you’re flashy, good-looking and available to the media, you’re famous. But not necessarily meritorious," says columnist Anil Dharker....

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