12 May, 2021

CBI: An Agency Imperilled

The mess the CBI has landed in is the culmination of the decay that set in years ago

CBI: An Agency Imperilled

We have known for quite a while that all’s not well with the CBI. Our intrepid media has let the world know of the strife bet­ween the top two officials of the agency. Nobody, not even its ardent detractors, had expected things to get this murky. A case has been lodged against the CBI’s No. 2, who, in turn, has sent complaints alleging malpractices by his boss to the Central Vigilance Commission and the PMO. The government could have nipped the problem in the bud, but allowed it to fester. Now the warring chieftains have been sent on leave, and the Supreme Court shall decide whether the director’s removal is ultra vires or not. Can you believe that the offices of the top two have been sealed? This is undoubtedly the lowest point in the CBI’s history, a nadir it would take years to recover from. There has already been a search and an arrest, and no one knows which way the wind shall blow in the days ahead. Given the toxic atm­­osphere of internecine warfare, matters could get even more sordid. What is baffling is why the two seniormost IPS...

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