21 September, 2020

Caught In Some Morass, Dom?

Call me behind times, but technology and I never took to each other

Caught In Some Morass, Dom?

As a boy, I brooded over books, and my only concession to the real world was an interest in cricket, though I preferred reading about it to playing it. I envied my school friends, who were splendidly illiterate. These boys owned toolkits and meccano sets, and were as adept with their hands as other rough young primates are; whereas I, if exposed to sharp tools, managed to cut myself severely, and any structures I built with my meccano set instantly collapsed.

I believe that all mechanical devices hate a certain kind of person. No matter what he does to placate them, they will never respond with sympathy. They will go out of their way to annoy and frustrate him. I was born one of these people, fated to be a victim of technology and saddened by my stars.

By the time I was 15 years old, I spent much of my time writing poetry, and the rest thinking about it; often lost in a dream, I paid no attention whatever to the world around me. It was hardly the moment for my father to decide that I should learn how to drive. The instant result of this...



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