05 December, 2020

Casino Royale

Bond is asked if he'd want his martini shaken or stirred. "Do I look as though I give a damn," says he. Wow!

Casino Royale
Starring: Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Judi Dench, Mads Mikkelsen
Directed by Martin Campbell
Rating: ***

If Bond films are all about "girls, gadgets and a good-looking spy", then lots change in Casino Royale. Girls and gadgets get a short shrift and the spy is good-looking in a rather unforeseen way. Craig’s Bond is not overtly suave and smooth nor witty and charming as Bond is meant to be. He is a man of some rather rough action here. He pounds people, gets bruised, bashed, poisoned and tortured himself. He also has a nice buff body that he displays to the hilt. My eyes were stuck on the lips. Whoever would have imagined a Bond with such a luscious pout, the most prominent one that you’d have seen in a man since Narasimha Rao. So a franchisee that has been catering to boys (or the eternal boy in men) transforms itself effortlessly for a woman’s voyeuristic gaze.

There’s more. That initial uneasiness in getting into the tuxedo. Or the tender, romantic moment...



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