19 September, 2020

Capital Blues

Capital Blues
Returning to Delhi after any trip, long or short, is rarely a pleasure anymore, what with the city's toxically occluded air supply and other general stress factors. But a more dubious than usual welcome awaited me after my midnight drive from the airport last week, courtesy of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. As the taxi pulled up to my address I summoned what energy remained after 20 hours of air travel for the final stagger upstairs with my luggage. I was surprised to see a huge mound of rubble where the driveway once was. At first I thought this might be a jet lag-induced hallucination, but the reality of it came home to me as I struggled to get my bags across blasted slabs of paving. Jagged hunks of concrete were piled precariously along the entire length of the entrance. What's the story? I wondered fuzzily before collapsing into dreamless sleep, grateful I hadn't broken a leg in the dark.

Over the next day or so I found out what happened: the MCD had struck again, lightning-like, to demolish innocent driveways throughout Nizamuddin. Without warning, says my...



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