28 July, 2021

Cannes Diary

The official policy this year was simple: taking ‘India’ to Cannes. Not just Bollywood. The idea was to make India the story, writes actress and a member of the Central Board of Film Certification Vani Tripathi.

Cannes Diary
If You Cannes, You Must

Cannes. I like to call it a congregation, a fluid community of like-minded people—pilgrims following a common god. It forms and dissolves, then reforms the next year, always around the same altar. Good, deep, rich narrative. A good story, told well, in a complex blend of moving image, sound, verbal gestures and our own memory and associations. Cinema is, in other words—a language of its own, in which all languages of the world participate, before which all nat­ionalities and cultures submit. Hollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood, the auteurs, the army of indies, the lone wolves…the name-tags cease to matter. Of course, if you scan the press, it would seem as if Cannes is all about who wore what on that proverbial red carpet. Was Deepika better than Kangana or vice versa? The question is vital to the future of the planet, if you go by the attention our breathless, bedazzled media bestows on it. I genuinely like the...

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