11 May, 2021

Canals Of Communalism

Diverting foreign funds into such programmes that deepen schisms will not hurt the donors. They sit in comfort in lands far away. But it'll devastate India.

Canals Of Communalism
All current indicators seem to suggest the bjp will win the Gujarat elections—despite the gut-wrenching tragedy of Godhra and its aftermath, despite exposes against the Narendra Modi administration, despite his uncivilised attacks, despite the wishful thinking of the secularists and despite the economic downturn in this prosperous state evidenced in the falling revenues and rising state debt.

Logical analysis usually fails to grasp the power of turgid emotional behaviour. But it isn't difficult to understand why the bjp will win. Gujarat has been badly and deeply polarised on sectarian lines. When voting takes on a b&w hue, divided on clear-cut Hindu vs Muslim battlelines, then it is easy to see that the sheer numbers of the Hindu majority will ensure a bjp victory. The bitter Muslims there will most certainly come out in record numbers to give vent to their feelings against the Modi administration. They may be unsure about whom to vote for, but they sure know whom to vote against. And the Hindu voters may have misgivings about Modi, but they sure are against the Muslims....

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