24 September, 2020

Can The House Ever Win?

A whole Parliament session wasted. How our MPs undermine our democracy

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Can The House Ever Win?

Disgust, apathy, tedium—these are perhaps the emotions that register most with the aam aadmi on the state of affairs in the Indian Parliament. But for those who do care about our corroding institutions, maybe anger would be the more appropriate emotion than indifference. For the first time ever, an entire session has been lost over a deadlock between the opposition and the government. The institution that at times still showcases the best of our democratic traditions has just taken another serious beating. 

So what are the political compulsions that drive our MPs to undermine the very institution that gives them a voice? In simple broad strokes, the story goes something like this: ever since UPA-I came to power in 2004 after delivering a shock defeat to the BJP-led NDA, the opposition has acted churlish, disrupting the house on even flimsy pretexts including one shameful instance when they staged a walkout over the “PM’s attitude”. Now, 18 months into UPA-2, they have a real issue...



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