18 June, 2021

Can Grace Be Verified?

Mother’s saintliness renewed itself for him each time he met her

Raghu Rai
Can Grace Be Verified?

India is a civilisation where a variety of religions assimilated ideas from each other and inhabited shared spaces for centuries. India is also a chaos where the babucracy, baniyas and politically powerful have thought nothing of selling rations and medicines meant for the poor for extra money. And Calcutta is one place thronged by migrant labourers and poorest of the poor from all around, it overflows with human expression. This is where Ms Agnes Gonxha landed and lived to become Mother Teresa.

Unfortunately for Professors Gene­vieve Chenard, Serge Larivee and Carole Senechal, their conclusions rest on borrowed information. My grandmother would often say that unless you die, you will never know of heaven or hell. Like­wise, Wikipedia and information on the internet have made experts out of people without them ever having to live the reality.

For their own good perhaps, I hope these three individuals visit Calcutta, and especially Mother’s homes and her samadhi. Unfortu­na­tely, they may not be able to experience the spiritual energy that...

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