01 November, 2020

Can-Can Diplomacy

Foreign cultural centres are offering films, food, concerts and more to the culturati

Can-Can Diplomacy

Culture Goes Live

  • With India's growing economic and political clout, foreign cultural institutes in Delhi are revving up their activities and vying with each other to woo students and professionals
  • Japan, France and Italy are among the most active and successful; the Iranians also attract crowds with their film club and Persian language classes.
  • The British Council's main attractions are its excellent library and English language courses.
  • The American Center and Russian Cultural Centre have both fallen behind. The odd splash apart, marked by lacklustre programmes, which have few takers among Delhi's culturati


As our palates get more adventurous, our tastes run towards cultural exotica and our passports fill up with seals in a Babel of scripts, so too do the foreign cultural centres escalate their activities in a bid to woo India's brave new middle class.

Turn to the listings page in any magazine and you'll see...


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