23 June, 2021

Call Of Conscience, Cast Of Character

The IAS officer who resigned in the wake of systematic slaughter of innocents in Gujarat on the role of higher pollice and civil services.

Call Of Conscience, Cast Of Character
The conscience of the nation has been shaken by the systematic slaughter of innocents in Gujarat, the planned murder, rape and pillage, specially targeting children and women. With our humanity in tatters—blood drenched, shamed, threatened as rarely before—there is a slowly growing resolve across the country that we must find ways to ensure this is never allowed to happen again.

To prevent the recurrence of such machinated mass brutality in the future, it is also of utmost importance that all those responsible for the current carnage are identified and resolutely held to account. This has rarely happened in the past; instead the nation has seen those liable for such crimes against humanity thrive electorally and professionally, while the devastated victims of sectarian violence are denied even elementary succour and justice. If this is allowed to happen once again in Gujarat, this will not be the last time our hands will be soiled with the blood of innocents.

There are many groups of people who bear responsibility for the crimes in Gujarat. I choose to focus here...

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