22 June, 2021

Calcutta Diary

Calcutta-based film-maker Sandip Ray wonders if the cinema would be able to keep pace with technology. Will digital films, compatible with a specific application, survive?

Calcutta Diary
Mystery Of The Missing Crime Writer

Lately, I’ve been sifting through thousands of photographs of bald men with moustaches. Every day, my mailbox is inundated with envelopes containing these. Some of them have forced comical expressions; others stare clownishly into the camera. Word has got around that I’m on the lookout for a ‘Jotayu’ (the fictional crime writer in the Feluda series)—sadly, no one seems to have grasped what Jotayu is all about. He’s not a comic character, but a sensitive, intelligent man. Yes, there’s a physical type: he has to be short, about 5’5’’, compared to Feluda, who is over six. My only criterion is the actor has to be bloody good with timing. I’m desperate to find the perfect one. And until I do, I won’t make another Feluda film.

Anyway, I consciously avoid making Feluda films too close to one another. The audience should crave for the...

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