02 March, 2021

Cacophony Colonnade

Our democracy is creaking, but it works—nominally at least. What it needs is not dilution, but deepening.

Jitender Gupta
Cacophony Colonnade

When “Too Much Democracy” Works

  • Pressure in Parliament pushes PM Manmohan Singh to secure the resignation of telecom minister A. Raja in the 2G affair
  • The angst and trials of tribals in the Maoist bastion of Dantewada is sensed in Delhi after the media highlights their plight
  • People power at the sites of the Koodankulam and Jaitapur nuclear plants attracts global attention post-Fukushima

Because All Else Has Failed

  • Pressure from civil society forces government to review Lokpal bill after four decades. Landmark RTI legislation born out of protests.
  • Attempts at acquisition of farmland by the Left Front in West Bengal thwarted after protests by people and the Opposition
  • The Jessica Lall murder case, all but forgotten, reopened after people organised candle-light vigils and other protests to seek justice


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