13 June, 2021

By Redefining Education, A Couple Helps Develop New Perspectives

By Redefining Education, A Couple Helps Develop New Perspectives
For Pavan Gupta, an engineer and businessman from Calcutta, and wife Anuradha, a teacher, it all began with a trip to Mussoorie about 10 years ago. Looking forward to completing a research project on Vipassana meditation in the serene quietude of the Himalayas, little did Anuradha realise that it would lead to her staying back for good and husband Pavan wrapping up his business and coming back to help start what they named Society for the Integrated Development of the Himalayas (SIDH). Today, they provide formal and non-formal education to over 600 children across six schools, three balshalas and seven balwadis in the Jaunpur and Jaunsar blocks of Mussoorie.

It was Anuradha's search for personal growth that led her to question the quality of education being imparted to future generations. "Most families here in the hills were reluctant to allow their children too much education because they would then up and leave for the big city and never come back," says Anuradha. "Much like urban Indians today leave India for new pastures abroad," she adds with a...

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