17 April, 2021

But The Bus Is Packed!

The crowded-bus syndrome informs UK Indians’ position. Immigrants themselves, they don’t want more coming in.

A gathering of Indians celebrating Baisakhi at Trafalgar Square
Photograph by Alamy
But The Bus Is Packed!


  • There will be an impact on Indians living in Britain as most of them are immigrants, like those the ‘Leave’ camp wants to keep out
  • UK is India’s third-largest investor. There are concerns about current and future inve­stments from both UK and EU into India.
  • India is the third largest source of FDI in UK. Tatas is the largest private sector emp­loyer, and Indian investments amount to more than that from other EU nations.


Priti Patel represents the many paradoxes evident in the June 23 referendum in the UK on whether to stick with Europe or go it alone—to Brexit that is, as wordplay-loving Britain puts it. Articulate and engaging, she was appointed employment minister by prime minister David Cameron as Britain’s first “UK Indian diaspora champ­ion”. But she’s now using that platform to undermine the Cameron-led ‘Rem­ain’ campaign and urging Asians to back ‘Brexit’....

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