07 May, 2021

Busybodies Hazir Ho

Publicity-seeking litigation motivated by lobbies is crowding the courts

Sandeep Adhhwaryu
Busybodies Hazir Ho

In one of Shakespeare's plays, the lead character says: "The ides of March are come." His astrologer responds: "Ay, Caesar; but not gone." This year, in our higher judiciary, the ides of March have come—but not gone.

On March 1, in a PIL filed by an avowed Congress sympathiser, a bench of the Supreme Court directed the CBI to investigate into the assets of the leader of a rival party. "Good," said some, "he had it coming", but the judgement was ill-timed: elections in the state, UP, had already been announced. A month later, there was a judicial bolt from the blue: an almost unknown judge of the Allahabad High Court positioned himself into prominence by handing down an explosive verdict just two days before the UP polls: that Muslims in the state had ceased to be a minority community! Sandwiched between these events was an interim judgement of a bench of the Supreme Court directing the OBC quota mandated by a parliamentary enactment in IIMs be not implemented in the...

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