16 May, 2021

‘Together We Can’

Gaurav Jain, Senior Vice President, Health, SA, Reckitt Benckiser
Photograph by Suresh K. Pandey
‘Together We Can’

The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a comprehensive framework for the world to work together and create a better future for humanity, with greater focus on gender equality. Businesses can make a huge impact towards their achievement; and the good news is that this is not only good for humanity, but for businesses too.

It is increasingly evident that long-lasting commercial success is linked to a commitment to these goals. But to fully reap the benefits of this association, businesses need to encapsulate it in a clear purpose. This should be compatible with the goals, and shape the way businesses are designed and managed. While many big businesses communicate a clear purpose, only a quarter link it to sustainable development. Fewer still appear to truly live that purpose.

The route to unlocking the benefits of purposes will differ by organizations and sectors. However, there are golden rules: authenticity, balance, and consistent application.

Purpose is a choice, which has many implications. An authentic purpose is one that is lived through the...

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