06 May, 2021

Taka Talks In A Tailored Suit

Exports, robust domestic economy and macroeconomic stability fuel Bangladesh’s growth since 2004

Taka Talks In A Tailored Suit

Bangladesh brought a big surprise to the world economy when the IMF released the World Economy Outlook in October 2020 to show an extraordinarily accomplished performance of the economy over the past five years. The stunning news revealed that Bangladesh is expected to outpace India in securing higher per capita income in 2020 if certain conditions are fulfilled. Scores of sharp responses flooded the arena of the global debate and dispelled the claim of the IMF on the ground of unrealistic assumptions. It is argued that the methodology used for the construction of the time series data is based on the current market exchange rate, which may have distorted the growth projection of the country.

Whatever may be the nature of debate relating to Bangladesh, nobody can deny the robust growth of the country since 2004, despite re-occurrence of endogenous and exogenous shocks to the economy intermittently. In the seminal work of Goldman and Sach in 2007, Bangladesh was projected as a high potential economy under the category of “N-11”. The same institution anticipated...

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