21 April, 2021

Signs On The Street

Signs On The Street

Andrew Holland, CEO, Avendus Capital, has traded in Indian equities for decades. His experience is that Indian markets react in extremes—either they are super-bullish or super-bearish. This implies that there is either irrational exuberance that skyrockets the indices, or irrational depression that leads to a prolonged slump. Such phases also come in a sort of cycle. This is why while most experts feel that the current drop in stock prices is a temporary phase; no one is sure when the uptick will happen.

Predicts Gautam Duggad, head of research, Motilal Oswal Financial Services, “We expect the markets to stay in narrow ranges till corporate earnings recover. We believe that macros (economic indicators) are now bottoming out, and government measures, coupled with RBI’s monetary easing, will lead to gradual recovery.” Devendra Pant, chief economist, Fitch Group, thinks that the recovery can take its own sweet time, but the “government can hasten it by implementing its measures quickly, and announcing many more”.

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