27 July, 2021

Opinion: Why '94 Per Cent' Students May Not Be Fit For Hiring

The New Education Policy, which focuses more on development of core capacities and life skills, will help students become more well-rounded. Effectively, they will improve their chances in the job market

Photograph by Sanjay Rawat
Opinion: Why '94 Per Cent' Students May Not Be Fit For Hiring

Outlook-Drshti’s professional college rankings has seen participation from over 400 institutions this year, but there have been no significant changes in the top ranks. While this shows a remarkable stability in the quality of top institutes, the education system at large suffers from multiple afflictions. The lack of employability of students emerging from our universities rankles the most. C.P. Gurnani, CEO and MD of Tech Mahindra, created a stir last year when he declared that 94 per cent of engineering graduates were not fit for hiring.

The upside is that leading institutions have begun to address some of the problems of our pedagogical system. Many private as well as top government institutions are increasingly focusing on employability by engaging with industries and corporations, setting up R&D parks, incorporating ­internships into curricula and offering grants for startups and innovations. However, this trend will have limited effectiveness unless the root cause is addressed—the poor state of schools and elementary...

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