02 August, 2021

Old? Sold!

Covid-hit India driving more pre-owned cars to avoid public transport, shared cabs

Photograph by Shutterstock
Old? Sold!

These are worst of times. Hammered by a pandemic that has left thousands dead and economies bruised, the disruptions across the world has been unprecedented. As people struggle to fit into a changed world order where social distancing and quarantine are everyday terms, striking the right balance between COVID-19 concerns and the must-do has become the biggest challenge. So, how is the world moving on this slow and painful road?

Second-hand car is a safe bet for many, it seems.

Indians, mostly those who have to travel daily for work, are buying used four-wheelers in far greater number than before the pandemic, driven by the need for personal hygiene and to avoid shared cabs and public transport, which too has seen scaled down operations since March. Many are also opting for new cars to cut down on expenditures due to economic uncertainty.

A car was once seen as a step up from two-wheelers and most people preferred their first four-wheeler to be a shiny, brand new machine. Not anymore. Ask Rajkumar, who works as an office assistant in Gurgaon and used public...

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