14 June, 2021

Now Hiring Mr And Ms Versatility

The Covid pandemic has triggered tectonic shifts in the job market. And recruiters are looking for people who can adapt and learn quickly.

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Now Hiring Mr And Ms Versatility

The confusion keeps multiplying. There is no clarity as yet on the behaviour of the coronavirus as several nations are gripped by a second wave. No one is even sure whether India has achieved the peak of the first wave. In addition, the vaccine or cure may still be months away. The global economies hobble along, even as policymakers, despite their optimistic statements, have little clue about the timing or nature of the recovery. Uncertainty rules, even as people, confidently or stupidly, troop out of their homes.

China is possibly in the midst of a V-curve, or an accelerated upturn. The West may be plagued by a U turn. India may tumble, revive, hop, slip, and finally jump in what is being dubbed as a wonky W-curve. In such a case, the huge fall in growth is followed by a slight resurgence, another slide-back, and a more consistent rise. Similar trends were visible across sectors in the country. A few rebounded, but many rem­ained in a paralytic slumber. Some showed signs of green shoots.

If you are in the final year of MBA, or without a job, or a seeker of a...

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