28 February, 2021

68% Rise In 'Near Misses' In Indian Skies In 2018, Reveals RTI

About 20,000 fliers on 94 flights escaped a collision in 2018

Illustration by Manjul
68% Rise In 'Near Misses' In Indian Skies In 2018, Reveals RTI

You are sipping your coffee, munching your nuts and enjoying the view of the world’s highest hump from your snug window seat when another jumbo jet cuts right in front of your flight. The close call evidently angers the pilot. He gives the other plane the finger, and ding: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. If you look out the right you will notice flight 195 challenging us to a race. I have turned the fasten seat belt sign back…enjoy the ride.”

Well, we made that up. Your flights are mostly uneventful, you arrive home safe and sound, and nearly never get to know/feel/see any near hit that your plane might have been involved in. Such events simply go into the aviation records as ‘near misses’ and come out collectively as an RTI reply from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). One such RTI response to Outlook says there were as many as 47 near misses in 2018, the highest ever in Indian skies. That’s a 68 per cent increase in near misses compared to the previous year.

The second highest number...

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