22 June, 2021

Lessons In Solitude

Students and teachers are grappling with vagaries of online classes

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Lessons In Solitude

Punam Mishra, a faculty member in the Jaipur-based J.K. Lakshmipat University’s (JKLU) Institute of Management, wasn’t sure if she could do it. This was in March this year when the decision was taken to shift teaching to the online mode due to COVID-19. More than six months later, she feels she is an expert in the use of Zoom, Microsoft Team and other video conferencing tools, and conducts classes without hassles.

Her colleagues too were initially apprehensive and hesitant, but do not face difficulties anymore. They learnt the tricks of online tools, albeit with help from each other. Weekly informal training sessions were organised by the varsity for faculty members. “It was scary in the beginning as we had not used these platforms. But we took the challenge head-on. We are ­comfortable with them and could smoothly conduct the classes. We still face a few technical issues, but we can handle them,” says Mishra.


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