03 August, 2021

“Learning Has To Move Out Of The Traditional Mode Into Labs And Workshops”

“Learning Has To Move Out Of The Traditional Mode Into Labs And Workshops”

Vocational courses continue to be perceived as un-aspirational and the industry is to be blamed for not recognising them as acceptable qualifications for jobs. Dr Mukti Kant Mishra, president, Centurion University of Technology and Management, in conversation with Lola Nayar. Excerpts:

Are vocational courses coming up as feasible alternatives for a BCom or a BSc degree?

They are still perceived as un-aspirational and are not the preferred option for most youth. Traditional education leading up to a government job remains the first preference among the rural population. All the same, there is an awareness of vocational education through the Skill India mission coupled by the lack of jobs the youth face after pursuing traditional degrees. The acceptability of these courses still remains quite low, both on the demand side (student acceptability) and the supply side (INS­titutional tardiness in offering such courses). The industry too has not come forward in recognising these courses as acceptable...

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