21 April, 2021

‘I’ Of The Storm

Self-reliance was the very seed that gave us Dabur, writes chairman Amit Burman. In the 19th c, when disease was rife but medicine scarce, his forebear took Ayurveda to the masses.

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‘I’ Of The Storm

Self-Reliance is not new to us. It was, in fact, the seed that germinated into the tree called Dabur. The story began in the late 1800s with a small, but visionary endeavour, by Dr S.K. Burman, a physician based in Bengal. It was the time of great turmoil with killer diseases like cholera and malaria taking a great toll on human lives and livelihoods. With no modern medicine available, Dr Burman went about with missionary zeal to treat patients using ayurvedic medicines.

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Soon the news travelled, and he came to be known as the trusted ‘Daktar’, or Doctor, who came up with effective cures. The year 1884 saw our first steps in aatmanirbharta, when Dr Burman set up Dabur to mass-produce and dispense ayurvedic medicines, reaching out to a wide mass, which had no acc­ess to proper treatment. Dabur is derived from the Devanagari rendition of Daktar Burman, a combination of ‘DA’ from Daktar and...

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