20 June, 2021

How Businesses Are Re-inventing The Wheel In A Post-Covid World

Social distancing will impact travel, tourism and hospitality business that thrived on intimacy and people’s warmth

How Businesses Are Re-inventing The Wheel In A Post-Covid World

Imagine a visit to a mall where you are the only person within a 10ft x 10ft space. Think about the situation that when you enter a PVR theatre with your husband and child to watch a first-day, first-show blockbuster, you confront “staggered seating arrangement”, empty seats on both sides, and floor stickers to indicate the one-metre social-distancing gap. Visualise a logistics company that offers you the option to not just work-from-home, but work-from-anywhere.

COVID-19 has changed the professional and social atmosphere in offices and factories, transformed business models across sectors, and altered the mindset of consumers. This is especially true of segments such as tourism, travel, and hospitality, where physical proximity and person-to-person politeness was considered inevitable, and an intimate part of businesses. No longer can owners, employees, and customers feel the same, or beh­ave in the same manner, as they did yesterday.

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