30 July, 2021

EdTech Boom In The Time of Pandemic

COVID-19 has fast-tracked India’s transition to online learning, but the yawning digital divide must be bridged for it to work effectively

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EdTech Boom In The Time of Pandemic

For India’s education sector, it is the best of times, it is the worst of times. In March 2020, the ­COVID-19 pandemic brought all ­educational institutions—schools, ­colleges, universities—across the country to a screeching halt. Students were ­confined to their homes for almost a year, and  forced into online classes that were no match for the real classroom ­expe­rie­nce. Yet, turning adversity into an opportunity, the Indian e-learning market has begun to surge at an exponential level. In a country where Goddess Saraswati symbolises the motivation for education, the e-learning market is expected to record historic growth rates as a majority of educational institutions migrated to e-learning and adopted freely available technologies to keep learning and education alive amidst the pandemic.

Aided by strong Covid tailwinds, the $735-million EdTech market, which comprises less than 1 per cent of India’s $90-billion private education market, is expected to clock 120 per cent growth in 2020-21 and exit the year at $1.7...

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