11 May, 2021

Deep-Tech: Cutting Edge Technology In Search Of Deep Pockets

About 50 deep-tech start-ups are trying to woo investors who have the appetite to take risks but Bangalore is putting its best foot forward

Deep-Tech: Cutting Edge Technology In Search Of Deep Pockets

The TV, as a few generations knew it, is passé. In its new avatar, it’s broadcast, OTT, Wikipedia and e-shopping all rolled into one—a screen that knows its only job is to entertain you. Scrolling through channels is down and out; Netflix-inspired menus are in, trailers popping out as you pass by. Even when you hit the pause button for a few minutes, there’s plenty to keep the rest of the family glued till you return. Trivia, for one—who was that little kid in the TV commercial; filmographies; hey, what was that cool outfit Anus­hka Sharma was wearing in the scene just paused. Voila! A link to a shopping app to explore similar designs.

All these in real time, on the go. A modern-day version of the Kathasarithasagara if you like—endless waves of entertainment to keep you hooked throughout the average three hours of TV viewing a typical household indulges in. Making all this possible is a relentless engine mining data, picking up patterns and trends.

“There are so many more avenues to explore,” says Bharath Mohan,...

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