14 June, 2021

Cuisine Egalite

Home chefs are offering flavourful victuals to not only the affluent gourmet; they are serving affordable, specially-made food to the aged and the Covid-affected too.

Vaibbav Arora (right) and a thali from his Bhojan; chef Ananya Banerjee
Cuisine Egalite

It’s a fact driven into us, day after dispiriting day, that we live in an age of confinement—locked up within four walls as an unseen, deadly occupier declares curfew. For the elderly and the infirm who need daily care, the second wave of the pandemic, like last year’s lockdown months, has left them destitute of all care: geriatric help and household chore, as well as that daily necessity—the preparation of nourishing food. For others too, cooking is an interminable drag. For all of them, meal boxes prepared by ‘home chefs’ have appeared as pleasant, and predictable, agents of salvation. Indeed, isn’t this a step away from a DIY gourmet food kit, itself the saviour of many a fashionable eatery?

Aparajita Sen, an engineer based in Mumbai, was worried how her aged parents living in Delhi would manage without their cook. Then, through a friend, she got in touch with Sarthak Grover, the founder of Zingg—a community of home chefs and food lovers across Delhi NCR that serves as a marketplace enabling home chefs to increase their...

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