31 July, 2021

Have Your Plate And Eat It Too! Bring Home Edible Cutlery

Environment-­friendly, tasty and modish, edible crockery and cutlery are going down the gullet

Have Your Plate And Eat It Too! Bring Home Edible Cutlery

For Mukundan, office has never appeared to be so abundantly laden with charm. Or rather, it’s his work-lunch—a grease-stained, gravy-splotched humdrum affair till now—that sed­uces like a siren. Unboxing his dabba is a high-point of his day though, strangely, the victuals inside remain the same as in the past many years. A new, secret sauce, you think? More like a miracle saucer—you not only eat off it, but eat the blasted thing itself!

It is as if something that belongs to a garishly coloured world of toons has crossed into ours, for in the eco-friendly, anti-plastic world of edi­ble cutlery and crockery, you don’t just eat with your spoon, you munch it for dessert. “You can keep this cutlery in your bag, but your cutlery now is a source of protein too,” says Bangalore-based Mukundan, an edible-cutlery loyalist for nearly a year. He purchases them from EdiblePro, a company run by two former IBM employees, Lakshmi Bheemachar and Shaila Gurudutt.

“We wanted to do something niche and environment-friendly. We were...

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