21 April, 2021

A Job Of Work (From Home)

If work from home takes off, the flexibility may either help women to continue with their work, or seek part-time jobs.

Illustration by Saahil
A Job Of Work (From Home)

WFH is part of the new norms, or an ingredient of the ‘new normal’. A Gartner poll concludes that 48 per cent of employees will work from home, months after the COVID-19 scare ends. The figure is higher than the 30 per cent before the pandemic. A qualitative survey by Outlook finds that organisations that allow employees to return impose restrictions. Hence, many workers may find that they need to work from both homes and offices, on alternate days or in some other ratio. Take the example of Sabina Dewan, president and executive director of global research entity, JustJobs Network. She continues to shut down her entire office, partly due to health reasons and partly due to public transport constraints. She isn’t hopeful of opening it before next summer. Even then, it may remain shut or operate in a truncated fashion. “The pandemic has changed work models. Newer ones may emerge if the crisis continues,” she says.

R.P. Yadav, CMD of placement agency Genius Consultants, claims that companies reduced office spaces over the last six...

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