02 October, 2020

Bush Telegraph

Dubya will make his opponents fall in line by dangling some carrots

Bush Telegraph
It's a war President George W. Bush will have at any cost. But before he embarks upon it, there's a little battle he must first wage: paper over his cabinet divide, persuade a reluctant Congress, convince dithering international allies about the war against Iraq. It's true this battle's outcome won't influence his resolve to attack Iraq. But Bush knows consensus is vital for spinning this war into yet another gigantic clash between good and evil.

In Washington, there's a dovish camp of secretary of state Colin Powell, who favours getting UN arms inspectors back into Iraq. Vice-president Dick Cheney leads the rival camp, comprising hardliners including secretary of defence Donald Rumsfeld. Cheney's argument: inaction is tantamount to appeasement. The rift in the Bush team prompted House International Relations Committee chairman Henry Hyde to tell the president that his administration had to "speak with one voice", before he could hope for Congress backing.

Administration officials, however, stress that irrespective of the UN's decision on Iraq, the US will reserve the...


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