05 March, 2021

Burns Ward

With acid attacks on the rise again, Andhra mulls stringent laws

Burns Ward

Guntur's Shame

  • July 2: Man throws acid on his wife and two-year-old daughter
  • June 27: Elderly woman attacked by a close relative over a property dispute at Piduguralla
  • June 24: HIV patient throws acid on wife for refusing to sleep with him in Nizampeth
  • June 17: A man hurls acid at a neighbour for spurning his sexual overtures
  • June 17: An autorickshaw driver attacks his paramour over a quarrel


On December 13, 2008, an acid attack on two female engineering students in Warangal sent shockwaves across the state. One of the students finally died of acid burns in a Hyderabad hospital on December 30. Her friend, T. Praneetha, survived but is still to get over the shock. The case was compounded by a police goof-up in the beginning, and later, as if to make up for it, the three accused young men were gunned down in an 'encounter' outside town within hours of being arrested. The vigilante...

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