12 April, 2021

Burial Of Innocence

How the CBI nailed the army's claims on the Pathribal encounter

Burial Of Innocence

Security forces operating in the Kashmir Valley are familiar with the term 'white terrorism'. For the average Kashmiri, it is a form of state-sponsored action with the tacit approval of the authorities to ensure that "the right message goes out". The skewed idea is to keep the local population terrorised so that they do not extend any help to militants.

Was the killing of five civilians in the early hours of March 25, 2000, by the army following the Chitsinghpura Sikh massacre a case of white terrorism? The chargesheet filed by the CBI, after three years of investigation, raises serious questions about the army's role and the shocking cover-up. The sordid tale in a nutshell is that on the eve of President Bill Clinton's visit, militants struck at Chitsinghpura on May 20, killing 36 Sikhs. Five days later, the army responded by gunning down five villagers in Pathribal, Anantnag district, and passing them off as the militants responsible for the May 20 attack.

The CBI chargesheet, accessed by Outlook, exposes the institutional efforts of the army to cover up...

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