26 January, 2021

Bull's Eye

"When a big tree falls, the earth trembles!" A Sikh displaying black humour told me: "That's okay, but were there only Sikhs sitting under that big tree?"

Bull's Eye
Truly, we live in incredible India. After Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar were dropped as Congress candidates, a TV anchor asked: "But why did Congress field them in the first place?" An odd question! Both are sitting MPs who had been elected thrice to Parliament. The proper question should have been: "Why are we all in such a tizzy this time around?" Because a protesting Sikh journalist threw a shoe at home minister Chidambaram at his press conference?

Ah yes, the shoe! A curious incident, that. From less than two yards away it was thrown with careful aim to miss! By a reporter who supported the UPA government, of course. And Chidambaram—usually testy and acerbic—with what humane restraint he responded. "Gently, gently," he cautioned, as the reporter was led away to be released without charge within hours.

Predictably, the Sikhs came on to the streets to support the reporter. Predictably, Congress leaders began murmuring that Tytler’s and Sajjan’s candidature should be revoked. Predictably, they awaited Soniaji’s return to...



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