19 September, 2020

Bull's Eye

Only a South Asian confederation might ensure survival of present international borders. Otherwise Pakistan could balkanise.

Bull's Eye

Nawaz Sharif compared his recent protest to 1947. Thereby he diminished his followers. In 1947, present-day Pakistan did little to earn independence. The Muslim League lost the 1946 election in Punjab. The Unionist Party, committed against Partition, won. Its leader Sikander Hayat Khan said that if Pakistan meant partitioning Punjab, he opposed Pakistan. Balochistan, for a full year after 1947, remained independent. Jinnah had argued before the British for Baloch independence. After his death, Pakistan forcibly annexed Balochistan. The most powerful NWFP leader, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, opposed the formation of Pakistan.

The politics of two feuding lawyers, Gandhi and Jinnah, and two UP elitists, Nehru and Liaquat Ali, created Pakistan. None of them knew the ground realities of the territories in Pakistan—its boundaries were actually determined after its creation! The first prime minister, Liaquat Ali, was assassinated in 1951. He was succeeded by six prime ministers in the next seven years. In 1956, General Iskander Mirza took over as...



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