27 September, 2020

Bull's Eye

In which ISI chief figures out a foolproof method of blocking the Taliban. But he needs Indian expertise and assistance...

Bull's Eye
Pakistan seeks India’s help 
By our very special correspondent


A top-level emergency meeting of Pakistan’s army, intelligence and political leaders was held to discuss the crisis situation created by the Taliban. Despite the government’s brave public face after the ceasefire agreements, official sources expressed grave concern privately. Fundamentalism could spread across the whole country if the Taliban reached out from Peshawar to Islamabad. The meeting was held to explore measures to block the Taliban.

General Kayani expressed confidence that the army could dismantle the Taliban in the frontier province. But there could be heavy civilian casualties, he warned.

This was not acceptable to the rest. "That should be the last option," said Prime Minister Gilani. "Is there no other way to block the Taliban?" He turned to the ISI chief, General Pasha.

General Pasha appeared hesitant. Then he blurted, "There is one way, sir. But I don’t know if it is feasible."

"Out with it, man,"...



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